Semi-cured Gel Strips last for up to 3 weeks without damaging your nails! They are made from real gel polish, are vegan, cruelty-free, odor-free, and are easily applied & removed in seconds.

  • @nailartbytamsin

    I loved how easy the nail wraps are to use - if I messed up with placement it was easy to reposition them before curing! They've held up really well on my nails, too, I've had them on for nearly 2 weeks now and they haven't chipped at all. The other bonus is that I've got a broken nail that I've been trying to grow out and the nail wraps have been fantastic at keeping it from breaking any further! ✨

  • @Nailsbyemma00

    It literally took me 15 minutes to do my nails, and they last for up to 3 weeks with no chipping 😍

  • @nailsoflizmo

    These wraps are so quick and easy to apply I will be recommending these to people who want to have fun nails but don't have the time!I really enjoyed them! So much nicer than regular nail polish wraps!!

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