New Minion and Shrek manicure Nail art Collection Out Now!

Shrek Nail Art Collection

“Ogres are like onions.”

Welcome to the swamp!

MoYou-London has released a Shrek Manicure collection for a happily ever after manicures. Create perfect legend themed Shrek Manicure nailart with your favourite characters. All inspired from the amazing Dreamworks Shrek film. 

Shrek stamping plate 04
Shrek stamping plate 05

Shrek manicure “It's gonna be champagne wishes and caviar dreams from now on.”

All your favourite characters are waiting for you on the stencil plates to create amazing nails: Shrek himself is there, the warm and big-hearted ogre we all love. Princess Fiona, who taught us the meaning of girl power and true love. Donkey, the most loyal friend, with his endless optimism, with his love the Dragon. Puss in boots with his irresistible cute stare. And all the characters from kingdom Far Far Away. All these most iconic Shrek manicure options are in the links above. 

Pink Dragon Nail Art - Shrek stamping plate 07
Shrek stamping plate 01

"This is the part where you run away"

Shrek manicure Stencil complete the look with swamp and nail polish, from the MoYou London selection. While this The Shrek Manicure collection is available, please note that it's a Special Edditon and will not be there forever so make sure to get yours while they last. 

Find Amazing Shrek manicure ideas!

Shrek stamping plate 05

“C’est banana! Hahaha! Miam Miam! Huh?” Minions and Shrek manicure stencils

Minions stamping plate 01

Apart from the Shrek manicure collection, there is another great collection released in 2021 that was the one and only: Minions! Now you can create amazing Minions manicure nail designs! 


They came into our lives just a few years ago, but they have no intention of leaving. They are funny, loyal, silly, and… yellow. They are, of course, the Minions.

Now for the first time, the Minions reached the peak of their career - your nails.

Imagine having a manicure entailing their heroic adventures. As they started their life purpose to serve the evilest villains from the beginning of days. First, it was a T-rex, then a not-so-bright caveman, and even Dracula, an Egyptian pharaoh, and Napoleon.  Unfortunately, they ended up killing them all by accident. Not the best helpers after all. Luckily they ended up meeting super-villain Gru, the most adorable villain, with his 3 daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Easily create amazing Minions and Shrek Manicures in seconds with the MoYou DIY Stamping Stencils. 

Minions stamping plate 04
Minions stamping plate 02

“Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?” – Scarlet Overkill

Here are a few things that the Minions Collection offers: 

Well, when you think of Minions you probably think of Bananas. So yes in nail art stencil Minions 01 you can find seamless designs of bananas. In Minions 02 you will be able to find the three girls of the film, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. In Stamping Plate Minions 04 and Minions 05 you will be able to create Minion manicures with the Kevin the Minion and Fluffy the Unicorn, and some of the cute icons of Agnes. 

Minions Nail Art Collection
Minions Nail Art Collection

Now you can have an assortment of the Minions’ adventures, on your nail!

Obviously you will also need some Stamping Nail Polish to complete the look for the perfect Minion manicure. We therefore created for you a Minion Starter Pack which includes a combination of polishes, nail stencils and stamping tools. 

MoYou-London have released a few more collections this year, such as:

Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, JAWS, Universal Monsters, Trolls, Minions, ET! 

Minions Nail Art Collection

To create the perfect Shrek manicure you’ll need to apply nail polish on our chosen design from the image plate, scrape the access polish with a scraper and stamp the design on your nail. 
For longer lasting results you can apply smudge resistant top coat. 


Stamping Nail art is a DIY form of nail art done by using a Stencil, a Silicon Stamp and Scraper, in additon to Nail Polish. 

You can use any nail polish you like as long as it is dense and dries fast. 

First you apply the nail polish on the desiered image on the stencil, then you scrape the access nail polish using your scraper.

The next step is transfering the design from the stencil to your nail using a rolling motion. 

For a long lasting result - apply Top Coat on the design. Make sure to use a a non smudge top coat to make sure you don't smudge the design by applying the top coat. 

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