New Jurassic Park Nail Art Collection Jurassic Park nail manis

New Jurassic Park Nail Art Collection Jurassic Park nail manis

Steven Spielberg Top Selling Blockbusters on the tip of your nails. 

MoYou London have recently released two all time blockbuster films! Now you can easily create Jurassic Park nail manis and Jaws manciures! With these two huge collections you can finally design your nails with Dinosaurs and Sharks. Probably the most iconic shark of all times, in addition to the most known dinosaurs in history. 


Jurassic Park nails, Moyou London, dinosaur manicure, Jurassic mani

Everyone remembers the Iconic thriller JAWS from the 70’s. 
Universal Films and Amblin Steven Spielberg blockbuster film is one of the most iconic movies of all times. The frightening music that lingered in our head and followed us to the pool and shower, reminding of the huge Shark that is getting near. The famous Shark attacks of Amity beach resort. Now you can get your nails done with all the iconic features of JAWS including the movie poster on your nails, many variations of sharks nail manis, “Beach closed” sign on your nails, Amity Beach nail art. 

Find Amazing Jurassic Park and JAWS nail manis

Jaws nails, Jaws manicure, Moyou London, Moyou nails, nail art stencils Jaws nails
Jaws nails, Jaws manicure, Moyou London, Moyou nails, nail art stencils Jaws nails

The MoYou-London new stencil collection features a few variations of the JAWS logo, a few variations of the Great White Shark associated with the film. Although JAWS is a very iconic film, it hasn’t done a great deal of positive promotions for sharks, In JAWS 01 stencil you will find pro shark slogans such as ‘Save the sharks’ and cute shark emojis. In JAWS 02 you can find overlapping designs, you will be able to create layers for the perfect Jaws nail manis. These overlapping layers include sharks, waves, beach and sun icons for an amazing beach mani, with a scary shark:) Jaws 03 nail art stencil has the kawaii feel to it, you can find the face of officer Brody (the famous police officer from Amity beach. You can also find cute and fun shark fin nail patterns. You will also find a cute pattern of the shark smiling. Jaws 04 nail art stencil includes the logo of the new film with the shark teeth marks and Beach Closed signs. 

Jaws nails, Jaws manicure, Moyou London, Moyou nails, nail art stencils Jaws nails

"I hate being right all the time" JAWS nail manis

You can get everything you like on your nail. Most recently MoYou-London have released the Jurassic Park Manicures Stamping Nail Art collection, now you can have your nails done with T-rex from the Lost world, the foot prints of Raptors manis, the tropical stencils with trees and flowers from the Jurassic era, the iconic mosquito that carried the blood and DNA of the dinosaurs from the amazing Jurassic film, even the iconic raptors from the Lost World.  


Now you can get in seconds the best and famous quotes from the blockbuster film from the 90’s such as: 

“Life finds a way”

“Life breaks free”

“We are being hunted”

"I hate Being right all the time” 

Jurassic nails, Jurassic Park manicure, Moyou London, Moyou nails, nail art stencils dinosaur nails
Dino nail manicure, Jurassic Park nails, best nail manicure with dino, dinosaur nails, Moyou London, Moyou nails.

LIFE FINDS A WAY! Jurassic Park nail manis

You can also get on your nails the most iconic logo of all times - the sign from the entrance to the park and create amazing Jurassic nail manicures in seconds. 

In Jurassic Park 01 stencil you can find some amazing and iconic scenes from the film, including a T-rex car chase, the entrance to the Jurassic Park gate, dino foot nail manis designs etc. 

In Jurassic Park 02 tropical leave and plants patterns dinosaur icons and the famous Jurassic Park logo for an amazing mani! 

In Jurassic Park 03 includes various dinosaurs icons for the perfect Jurassic Park nail manis.  


stamping nail art with dino, Moyou London, Jurassic Park nails
Jurassic Park nails stencil 04, Moyou nails, moyounails, Moyou London stmaping nails


MoYou London have even released a range of Stamping Nail Polishes inspired from Jurassic Period, with “Stay in the Car” green, 10,000 Volts Black, I roar you - brown, Fight to survive mint, Bingo Dino DNA yellow, ‘I’m a Veggisaurus’ Green. 

You can also find Nail Polish Bundles Isla Nublar for the tropical pastels shades of green in addition to the bundle: Dinosaur for the metallic gold/green combination. 



Now you can create amazing dino Jurassic Park manicures, but hurry as this is a limited edition and will not be there for much longer. (Life finds a way?) 

stamping nail art with dino, Moyou London, Jurassic Park nails


By the way, have you ever heard of Nail Stamping? 

Stamping Nailart is an easy way to apply detailed design on your nails. It is easily applied using a metal image plate with engraved designs, a Silicone Stamp and Scraper (to transfer the printed design) and Nail Polish. 


First you apply the polish on the design on the metal stencil, then scrape the access using the scraper and at last transfer the design from the stamping plate to your nail using a rolling motion with the stamp. 

By applying Non Smudge Top Coat you can extend the design to remain on your nail for longer. 

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