Best Valentine manicure Nail Trends! Hearts, Love, Quotes, Lace, manis

Best Valentine manicure Nail Trends! Hearts, Love, Quotes, Lace, manis

Love is... Collection, plate 06
Festive Collection, plate 66

In this article we will be featuring some of the best love and valentine nail art trends from the last 5 years.  


A huge nail art trend that is extremely popular on Valentine’s is Henna and Lace. This concept appears to be sexy, while still old school. 

You can find loads of these stencils in the Henna collection and the Lace Collection, although most amazing Valentine manicure result is Love is 06. 

Love is... Collection, plate 06

Valentine manicure : “Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you.” —Elvis Presley

A Valentine manicure worth considering is classic angels. You can find loads of ideas in Love Is 13. This concept will always remind us of of Cupids the babies that shoot arrows and get couples to fall in love. The plate has lots of options and completes it with classic floral design. 

The Trend Spotter has loads of examples for manicures with angels. You can also complete the look with Nail Angel stickers from Etsy. 

Love is... Collection, Plate 13
Love is... Collection, Plate 13

“Thus with a kiss I die” ... Romeo and Juliet

Another idea for an amazing Valentine manicure would be love quotes. 

In Love Is 04 you can find amazing love quotes, but also check out our Literature Collection featuring some of the most famous romantic novels of all times and their most iconic quotes. From Romeo and Juliet, Great Gatsby, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein and Around the World in 80 days.  

Complete the look with classical nail icons from the books and you have the perfect Valentine manicure! 

Love is... Collection, Plate 04
Love is... Collection, Plate 04

"All You Need Is Love"

Another great idea for the perfect Valentine manicure concept is the paisleys. Paisleys have always come in and out of fashion, but it is a timeless valentines theme. You can find a great stamping nail art plate in Flower Power 16

Here are a few more example of the final result you can get  framboisenailart have used the Flower Power plate to create this amazing mani. 

You can also find a link to a tutorial of MoYou-London for Fashionista 18 which you can find an amazing Paisleys Manicure. 

Fashionista 18 manicure
Fashionista 18 manicure

The Alice in Wonderland Valentines manicure is an amazing direction. You can find endless options in the Alice Collection featuring magic potions in Alice 02, keyholes, cards, and Eat Me biscuits in Alice 03, The classical old Alice in Wonderland books also have amazing Valentine manicure options in Alice 09 and Alice 10. You can find the queen of hearts, the mad hatter and the rabbit hole in the other plates in this collection for the perfect Valentine manicure! 

Love is... Collection, Plate06
Love is... Collection, Plate06

“You will forever be my always.”

A concept that is slightly younger but will always be there is Hearts! 

Yes the classic hearts will last forever which you can never get enough from! 

In MoYou-London Princess Collection and Love Is Collection you will be able to find an endless collection of Love Valentine manicures. 

Here are some amazing Valentines manicure ideas with hearts: 

Love Is 11 includes Kawaii and cure hearts 

Festive 42 will give you lots of options with a combination of hearts and seamless patterns for the perfect love mani. 

"Crazy little Things Called Love" Freddie Mercury

You can also go for a simple line design with icons such as arrows in Love Is 10 including the finger tattoo concepts. Small icons of stars and hearts is always something that you can add to perfect a Valentine manicure, you can find some of these in the Princess collection. Love Is 07 will offer you darker Gothic but romantic icons. 

Love is...Collection, Plate 10
Love is... Collection, Plate 07

"Stop and smell the roses"

The last concept would be one of our old time favourite. Have you guessed it? 

Yes, Flowers! 

The Botanical collection has amazing designs for the classical floral options. 

With the Flower Power collection you have endless flower nail icons to be able to create a perfect Valentine manicure using over 200 flower icons. These range from classic to modern floral prints on your nails. 

 caticorn_nails flower manicure
@Lackschaft Flower manicure
 @intrigo_dora flower manicure
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