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Lovely plate

Versatile designs and a pleasure to use

Really hard wearing

These were quick and easy to do, look great and they still look good after 2 weeks! No chipping, lifting etc. The only shame is I think I will only get 1 set out of the sheet as there’s only large or small ones left now.

Lindas Catrinas

Beautiful plate of the day of the dead. (Día de los muertos) Perfect to complement your look for Halloween

Great product

I was sceptical about how well these would last but they have been fantastic and I’ve had so many positive comments on them asking if I’d had my nails done professionally


Nothing else stays on my nails (even salon-done gels peel off within a week!), but these lasted WELL over a week before I chose to take them off - I'm sure they'd have lasted much longer! And I wasn’t gentle on them, they lasted multiple active watersports activities and other such things! Really easy to put on and take off with all the tools provided with each pack, and I've managed to get 2 uses out of the stickers in one pack with some careful stretching of smaller stickers - will definitely be buying again!

I expected better than that!

First things first - this stamper is very clear, the size is perfect (not too tiny!) and the transfers are excellent BUT after using it a couple of times (with proper care) it cracked already. I expected some durability for the price as this is not cheap. And where is the cute tube packaging that it was pictured with? I got it in a little box. Disappointing, I wouldn't recommend it.

Explorer 10
Marisa Alias
Love the design

It was exactly what I was looking for for an African sunset, very good quality

Explorer 33
Jaime Christ
Explorer 33 and 34

I got both Explorer 33 and 34 at different times on a sale, and there both Great plates. I get so many different uses out of both plates. I like that you can use different parts of the plates to make so many different designs. I also suggest that if you like these to plates to get Trend Hunter 25 and 26. Two other amazing plates that have endless possibilities to make so many different looks.

Porcelain 05
Jaime Christ
Porcelain 05

This plate is so beautiful!!! I’ve been happy with ever purchase I’ve gotten from Moyou London and there US site. The only down side to anything, is that their plates are so good that some of them sell out quickly.
If you want this plate, or any others, do get them. You will be so happy you did.
I can’t wait till all of there Fall and Halloween plates come out! :)

Rebel Starter Kit
Shay Wandleas

Lots of cute images and very clear and crisp transfer. My favourite stamping polish.

great colour

lovely polish to stamp with


Very happy with these. I tried so many different wraps but these are best so far. Make my nails strong too!

Lovely cheerful colours

Great quality and long lasting. Versatile - you can layer with great effects.

Super cute colours!

Great selection of bright colours. They do chip pretty quickly though, even with top coat.

Premium Nail Polish - Black Knight

Festive 20
Hanna Österlund
Beautiful plate

Perfect blend of music styles

Really good product

I loved these nails!! I’ve used wraps before but these part cured ones are different you can feel the quality. They were easy to apply and five days in they are still looking fresh and glossy. I would recommend and will definitely buy these again!

Premium Nail Polish - Fight to Survive

Update to previous review

They reached out to fix the problem and replaced my faulty plate with a new one. The new one works great. Already started playing with it by picking up images to make sure it works. 100% for customer service. Thank you.

Didn't work for me sadly

I was excited to try the clear stamper so I could position the patterns with more accuracy. However it didn't pick up any of the designs at all. Not sure why it wasn't working for me and glad I only paid a sale price.

Frenchy 21
Julie Kelsey
Frenchy 21

Love this plate . Picks up colour well lots of diffrent designs👌.


My first time using nail wraps. Figured O would try some for my holiday. They were so easy to apply and lasted all week no problems. They have kept my usually fragile nails strong. I feel like they would last for a long time, I don’t have to take them off yet so we’ll see how easy that is. Will definitely be buying more!

Simply the best!

I've never had nail polish as good as this. Seriously!

Love this plate

Images are so clear and detailed....with the right stamper.

Paradise 07
Easy to layer stamp - love this plate

easy to line up layers for a beautiful unique design. Love all the different butterflies and the rose is awesome(NEVER had a rose come out so perfect)!! The leaves are actually rose leaves. The whole plate is just awesome!!