Universal Monsters Nailart Stencil Collection

Universal Monsters Nailart Stencil Collection

Stamping Nail Art has never been scarier!

Imagine the iconic Universal Monsters, from the movies we all love to fear, completing your Halloween look of the century.

Universal Monsters Collection

Stamping Nail Art is easy enough. With your DIY Nail Kit you can create amazing manicures at your own convenience at home. First, apply nail polish on your chosen design in your stamping plate. Then, scrape the access nail polish with a scraper. Lastly, pick up the chosen design with the Stamp and apply it on your nail using a rolling motion.

Universal Monsters Collection 01
Universal Monsters Collection 01

Imagine having all your favourite childhood characters, the ones we love to fear, on your nails for the Halloween fancy dress party:

An amazing Dracula mani for a gothic look.

Dracula’s bride stencils for the feminine side of darkness.

The Mummy mani alongside some bandages patterns for an amazing halloween nails.

Frankenstein nails for our monsters lovers.

The Werewolf nailart, howling at the moon.

The invisible man manicures with its bundles of accessories.


You can complete the designs with some atmospheric patterns. The good old spiders webs, skulls and blood. Or maybe you prefer grave stones, sea creatures, lightning and bats.

Universal Monsters Collection 06
Universal Monsters Collection 04

For your younger nail art lovers, you can find the same characters in a cuter, more childish version, to complete your child’s custom.

To complete the perfect Halloween manicure make sure to use the correct nail polish colours. You’ll need a good bright red and a dense black, with details of yellow, green and white.


Treak or Treat! Find the best Frankenstein and Dracula Manicures on this collection. Design the perfect manicure with endless creepy and spooky prints from all of Universal Studio Monster Collection