The best Christmas manicure trends! xmas at the tips of your nails

The best Christmas manicure trends! xmas at the tips of your nails

This article will feature many Christmas manicure ideas. Scroll down for amazing manis from all over the world.

Christmas is always around the corner! Once the holiday season is finished we are looking for the next one with big anticipation. According to Wikipedia, Christmas is celebrated by billions of people around the world, from a large variety of religions and cultures. What an amazing way to come together and share the love.

What else do we love? Perfect nails of course. Here are some trendy Christmas manicures to complete you stunning holiday look and warmhearted festive feeling. You can find them all under the Christmas category.

Noel Collection, Pate 19

Before we’ll get emotional about Christmas though, let us explain the fundamentals of stamping nail art. Stamping nail art is an easy, DIY nail art method, in which you can create Christmas manicure designs with fine details, that look extremely professional, from the comfort of your home. You can either get a kit with all that you need to start, or mix and match stencil plates and nail polish colours, for more creative and advanced designs. You simply apply nail polish on top of your chosen stencil from the metal plate, scraper the access with a designated scraper, pick up the design with the stamp, and stamp your image on your nail. It’s as simple as that.

Ands now for the fun part: ideas and trends to complete your festive style, with an amazing Christmas manicure.

"Let it Snow"

Noel Collection, Pate 19

Who’s dreaming of a white Christmas? Snow flakes Christmas manicures are timeless and available in a variety of styles and sizes. From the iconic Festive 02 stencil plate, to the more modern designs of Festive 56, and Festive 57. The entire Snow Collection is another interpretation of the subject. Mix them with Crystal collection 02, 04 and 05 and you’ll have all you need to create beautiful snowy nails. 

Important tip: to have an accurate snow flake, in perfect white, that will stand out against its background, you’ll need a very dense white nail polish, that is good for stamping. Don’t compromise on the outcome!

Look how beautiful @sarasthlmnails snowy nails are! 

Snow Collection, Plate 04
Snow Collection, Plate 03

Christmas manicure Sweaters

Oh Christmas is so cosy, at home with our families, wearing our sweaters that we save for this time of year, as our perfect Christmas manicure are popping out from the end of our sleeves. What an amazing idea, to have a Christmas sweater on your nails!

You can combine designs from Festive 37, 31 and 35 stencils, and add on the Fashionista collection 02 and 03 (because what’s Christmas without fashion?!). You can use the entire design to cover your nail, or use separate images to create centred designs for more versatility. There are so many others nail stencils at the Christmas collection for you to have a look.

Here’s a beautiful interpretation of a Christmas sweater manicure, by @lakovayadama.

Festive Collection, Plate
Sweater Nails Manicure
@lackopfer Sweater nails


Santa Claus, Father Christmas and Papa Noel, among his many names, is the hero of our story. Does he come at night and leave gifts? Have we been good this year? Would he give us a nail kit to create a manicure in his image?I think he might…

Well, you don’t have to wait for him anymore, just do it yourself, with MoYou London DIY nail kits.

The Noel collection is all about the big beloved dude. His home in the North Pole, with the variety of native animals, such as: cats, dogs, penguins, polar bears and flying reindeers. His daily life and hobbies, and the assortment of plants and birds, that probably won’t survive the real north pole, but will look so pretty on your festive manicures! 

You can also create an overlapping nail design. That mean you create a manicure from  a number of layers, each one differ in shape and colour, one on top of another, to result in a more complex picture with depth and small details. You can find those stencil plates in various collections. In the Noel Collection those are mainly stencil plates 11 and 13. 

Noel Collection, plate 05

What is Christmas without bells jingling and lights flickering and stars sparkling? Well, it’s not a Christmas at all, right? Your nails should be as festive and decorated as the rest of Christmas around you. Christmas manicures can be influenced by the very unique and iconic decor of the festive season.

You’ll find presents, Christmas manicure stockings, lights and decorations all through the Noel Collection, for example, in stencil plates number  01, 03 and 10. 

"Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way"

Noel Collection, plate 01

Overlapping nail art designs are great for this kind of manis, and you can create complex images  with depth and perspective, such as this Christmas manicure done with stencil plate Noel 05.

Noel Collection, plate 05

More atmospheric stencils, to create decorative Christmas manicures, can include Christmas carols in stencil plate Festive 17 . Sing along your carols, and have the words written all over your nails (in case you had one too many…).

Festive Collection, Plate 17

Festive 18 is all about decorating your Christmas tree, with Christmas bulbs in different shapes ands styles.

If you are more in to the mystic side of the season, you can find plenty of nordic decorations, inspired by the movie Frozen, and celestial hand decorations in the Snow and Crystal collections.

Festive Collection, Plate 18
Snow Collection, Plate 01
@frischlackiert winter manicure

"I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… just for a little bit longer"

And when it’s all over, we store away our sweaters and decorations, and life as we know it just go back to its course, we can still have a reminder on our nails, that could last just a little bit longer than Christmas. You can apply a smudge resistant top coat to cover and protect your amazing Christmas manicure, and you’ll find that the miracle of the holidays might be here to stay.

The top coat prevents the nail art design from peeling, and keeps the mani looking fresh and new.

Smudge Resistent Top Coat

"Wintertime Love"

This might be an unpopular opinion, but winter time is lovely, don’t you think? A time to get cosy and slow down a bit. Even if Christmas is far behind us, there’s certain magic in the air, as nature sleeps.

Winter themed manicures can be artistic and lovely as well. You can use the Christmas collection that we discussed before, and combine it with patterns of botanical plants and flowers, enchanted fairytales from the woods, and nordic designs for an extra trendy plot twist. Amazing manicures all year long!

Noel Collection, Plate
Noel Collection, Plate

Lots and Lots of Christmas manicure stencils!