ET manicure Collection By MoYou-London

ET manicure Collection By MoYou-London


MoYou-London has just released two collections that will take your breath away! Try to think of the most iconic movies from your childhood. Both of the collections come from Steven Spielberg Amblin. Both with Universal Studios. Let me give you a hint. “Where we are going - there are no roads”. Sound familiar? The second one is: “Phone Home” Yes! now you can decorate your nails with the amazing iconic Back to the Future and ET manicure. 

ET Phone home manicure Moyou London Moyou nails
back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails

The best stamping nail art for nostalgic relief. Is there a more iconic film than Back to the Future manicure? Join Marty McFly and Doc Brown for a fashionista adventure through nails and time. Now it's your chance to create amazing Back To The Future ManicuresBut stay tuned as we have the ET manicure collection coming right after! 

back to the future manicure nail art collection


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Let’s just put it on the table, shall we? How much did you cry when E.T left on his spaceship and said goodbye forever? Our beloved alien can now be stamped on your perfect MoYou-London manicure nails, to remind you of the power of friendship. Now for the best part, check out all teh amazing ET manicure you can create using this amazing stamping nail art collection. 

et manicure, et phone home on nails Moyou London
et manicure, et nails, phone home manis Moyou London

The ET manicure collection includes some of the iconic images appearing at the Amblin’s movie,  such as: E.T itself, bicycles, phones and spaceships. And of course: the boy Elliott, flying with his bicycle, against the full moon, with his friend E.T in the from basket. You can also create a perfect Halloween mani using the images from the E.T  movie, with ghosts and candy’s and stars.

Check out these amazing ET manicure designs!

et manicure Moyou London, Moyou nails, stamping stencils Extra terrestrial
et phone home manicure, et nails, extra terrestrial Moyou London

Here are a few ET manicure ideas: 

In ET 01 you will find phrases such as “ET Phone Home” and the most iconic scene where ET dresses up as an old lady. In Stamping Stencil ET 02 you can find overlapping manicure options for ET figures, phones, bicycles, and the iconic moment where ET’s fingers are touching for a perfect ET manicure. In ET 03 you will be able to create ET manis of the bicycle riding with the moon in the background which is the ET movie poster. ET 04 is the last nail art image plate for this collection featuring kawaii icons of the ET collection. Now you can create with this collection the full ET manicure for all you big ET fans. 

ET Phone home manicure Moyou London Moyou nails

Where we are going, there are no roads!

back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails
back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails

Back to the Future manicure plates have an amazing manicure designs according to the decades in the films: As the movie begins at the 80’s, you’ll find retro stencils to fit the decade. Later, our beloved heroes find themselves in the future (is 2015 the future?). With a futuristic mani, flying shark holograms and hover boards. When they go back to the 50’s you can find classic stylish mani ideas to fit the era of classic fashion. Let’s not forget the time they spent in the wild west, with nailart designs of horses, hats guns and feathers.

back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails
back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails

Are you chicken?

The iconic characters are there too: Marty McFly, Doc Emmett Brown, Biff Tannen, Marty’s parents, and let’s not forget the Delorean, who is a character by itself, if you asked me. Can you imagin the amazing Back to the Future manicures you can make with these? You can also find some iconic catch phrases like: “Great Scott” and “What, are you chicken?”

back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails

Now here are the list of products available from this collection:

Back to the Future 01 you will find icons of lightnings, and fire from the famous Delorean ride to the future. 

Back to the Future 02 includes the nail art manicures of the Delorean, the hover boards from BTTF, and the famous clock tower from the three iconic films. 

Back to the Future 03 has all the themes from the third BTTF film going back in time in the wild west. 

Back to the Future 04 has the famous phrase: Great Scott, background of the time travel loop, the Out-of-time license plate of the Delorean, and Marty’s wrist watch icon for the perfect BTTF manicure. 

back to the future manicure Moyou London Moyou nails

MoYou-London stamping nail art is timeless (get it?). It's an easy manicure kit you can use at the comfort of your home. Just pick a design from the stencils plate, paint over with a nail polish, scrape the access with a scraper and pick up the design with a stamp. Now you can stamp it on your nails to create your perfect Back To The Future and ET manicure designs.