Halloween manicure Collection

Halloween manicure Collection

halloween manicures Moyou London Moyou nails creepy spooky

Looking for an amazing Halloween manicure!? 

You came to the right place! 


In this article you will find many of the best Halloween different themes. You will be able to choose your favourit Halloween manicure. 

We will be featuring some of the best Halloween manicure collections of all times, including Dracula and Frankenstein manicures, Pumpkin, Spiders, Spiderweb manis, hunted house, bats, and even Kawaii cute and spooky characters. 

halloween manicures Moyou London Moyou nails creepy spooky

1) Dia Del Murtos themed nails is one of the most famous Halloween manicures of all times. The Mexican ‘Day of the dead' manicures are something out of this world. MoYou London has a various amount of stencils to offer for this theme. You can find Dia Del Murtos manicures in Festive 72 and Festive 73 but many more options are in the Mexico Collection by MoYou. You also have a few bundles of Dia Del Murtos Nail Polishes for the perfect results.

festive 72 Moyou London did del muertos manicure halloween nailart
halloween manicures Moyou London Moyou nails, nail art

Dracula, Frankenstein, Werwolf - the most Iconic monsters of the past!

2) The next collection will be the  Universal Studio Monsters featuring all the old school vintage monsters the past. The most iconic old film monsters such as: Werwolf, the famous Dracula and Frankenstein designs will bring you back to the old school movies of the 30’s and 40’s. These ranges go best with neon colours on top of a black polish base. This collection was is a collar with  Universal Studios that MoYou-London. This classic collection is a limited collection and will not be repeated so get your plates while they last. Find your best Halloween Manicure here. 

Universal Monster Manicure
Universal Monster Manicure
Universal Monster Manicure

3) The third concept is the classic Halloween style of all the halloween childhood classic featured we grew up on. Starting with Halloween 13 you will be able to design your nails with skeletons, creepy pumpkins, classic witches on brooms. 

Nail art Stencil Halloween 12 is all about lace patterns and classic gothic designs.

Halloween 10 features hunted houses, spider web patterns and overlapping pumpkin faces. 

Such as Trick or Treat, Poison Potions, Witch Craft prints to make your nails spooky and creepy. Following this link will get you to a stencil with witches with cats, Crosses and more witches here. 

In this amazing selection of nail art plates you will be able to find the gothic themed Adams family, Gothic crosses and ghosts.

Halloween Collection, Plate 12
Halloween Collection, plate 10

Trick or Treat, Pumpkins, Bats, Cats, Witches and Oh Ghosts!

If you are after a more gothic concept, follow the Gothic Manicure Collection where you can find over 200 Halloween and Gothic themed nail designs. 

If you are after creepy pumpkin nails and scary face expressions manicures, you better off with Festive 29. In this nail art image plate you will able to find a huge amount of variations. 

You can find Gothic, Halloween Typography in stencil Typography 10.

Typography Collection, plate 10

In Nail-art Stencil Festive 43 you will find the classic spiderwebs, geometrical shapes mushrooms, and gothic symbols. These go amazing with the classic Halloween Nail Polish Bundles for for the best event of the year. This collection is even great for a fancy dress party. 

4) Here are some of the best manis include Overlapping RIP manis, you can easily stamp over and create layers of stamping. 

5) But not everything is scary and spooky, there is a whole range of manicures with cute Halloween manicures. In the following images you will be able to find a few manicures with Kawaii Ghosts or Kawaii Zombies, and vampires. 

In Halloween 08 you will be able to find Kawaii ghost manicures and Trick or Treat themed candy bars nails. In addition Festive 53 has a huge range of Halloween cure kawaii characters to choose from. 

Halloween 03
Halloween Collection 02

6) For last, in order to create the perfect Halloween manicure you will need Stamping polishes. We have prepared for you some amazing nail polishes for the perfect Halloween manicure. 

In the Dracula Nail Polish Bundle you will find the following Nail Lacquers of Red, 2 shades of Grey and a Black colour. 

In the Sorcerer Bundle you will find the shades of soft and cold colours pastel blue and light blue, Lilach and gold. 

In the Dia Del Muertos Bundle you will find the strong shades of Red, Yellow, White and Purple for a colourful nail manicure. 


There are unlimited options you can stamp on your nails following to the entire collection of Halloween themed collection. 

Halloween 2022 is on 31st of October, While the day of the dead is on the 2nd of November. Make sure you get your order a few weeks before to make sure it arrives on time.