• @acertainbeccaa

    Say hello to mine and@fairytalesnailsfast food bears for todays twin mani 🍔🍟🍕🌭😂 We used@moyou_londonCare Bears plate Unlock the Magic 03 over@barrymcosmeticsair breathable ‘Mist’ 💚 I coloured my bears in with a variety of Barry M polishes, including the new 40th anniversary gellies 😊

  • @redheadspaintitbetter

    🌈🐻 Here’s a Care Bear mani I did ages ago but totally forgot to post! I used@barrymcosmeticsNative Purple, Sugar Plum, Bluebell and Banana Split. The stamping plate is@moyou_londonCare Bears 01.

    I used to love watching Care Bears when I was little, so this mani made me feel nostalgic for sure! 🌈 🐻

  • @nails_bysamantha

    A little throwback to this fun nail art! 🐻‍❄️💜 I am absolutely in love with them and think they are too cute ☺️